Time-of-Flight is an active 3D imaging technique which requires a light source to obtain a 3D image of a scene. This emerging technology is very flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications such as logistics, robots, AGV, building mapping, factory safety etc. It’s ideal for handling complex environments, for example under different light conditions (indoor/outdoor) and for short or long ranges.

Due to its flexibility and capability to address a wide range of applications, Time-of-Flight faces some technical challenges, often due to the environments its operating in (ambient light, moving objects etc.), the requirements of the customer (e.g. application parameters), the norms (e.g. laser safety) and/or other systems working around it which can cause interference.

To address these challenges a Time-of-Flight system should have good angular resolution, high dynamic management with high flexibility, be able to adapt to all environments, be robust to ambient light and to other systems interferences, and provide reliable 3D detection without motion artefacts. Teledyne e2v will present how to address these challenges with specifically developed technologies at both sensor and system level.
*Originally presented on October 6, 2021 at VISION 2021: Industrial VISION Days