Today's demanding imaging applications continue to push the envelope of required information. This need for information, rather than just speed and resolution, is driving innovation in image sensors, cameras, and system solutions. While the motivation is changing, more data still means higher speed and pixel counts that further tax camera, connectivity, and processing components.

Teledyne innovation focuses on all aspects of the “spectrum” – from X-ray to THz, sensor to cloud, monochrome to hyperspectral, low resolution to super resolution, and from remote heads to embedded action. There is a solution for any challenge.

This presentation provides an overview of the novel approaches and solutions Teledyne offers for the ever-growing field of photonic information capture. These new ideas and approaches will trigger the audience to review their challenges and solutions in a new light and come away with new possibilities.

 *Originally presented on October 6, 2021 at VISION 2021: Industrial VISION Days