The AI Application Lab provides free consultations for inspection applications that might benefit from Artificial Intelligence (specifically Deep Learning). If you’ve heard the buzzwords for AI/ML and are wondering if AI can benefit your machine vision inspection system, the AI Application Lab will provide the answers you need.

How does it work?

1. Contact us
  • Fill out the form below to connect with our team. We will have an initial scoping discussion to determine if your application is a good fit for AI. This may involve looking at a few sample images.
2. Send us your images
  • Send us images of the samples you are considering for AI inspection. If determined to be a good fit for AI, we generally ask for at least 50 images. Note the number of images needed can vary a lot depending on the specific application.
3. We’ll provide guidance on how AI can work for your application
  • We’ll advise on the feasibility of your project for AI and how to get started. We'll demonstrate how easy it is to train a model with the Astrocyte AI trainer. Along the way we will answer any questions you may have.